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A group of people from different walks of life attends an adult retreat for the weekend only to bring their personal dramas that will change their lives forever.


JESSICA (Tawanda Auston) is an introverted Event Planner who is going through some marital problems with JASON (Denzel Wells) that brings her down to a depressive state. A visit to a spa leads her to attend an adult retreat for the weekend, headed by CORIN (Olivia Crosby). Although she’s not too keen on being around strangers, she  takes that leap of faith to attend.


At the retreat, she becomes acquainted with VICKI (Kenya Rachelle), a very outspoken Doctor, REBECCA STEVENS (Rachel Petsiavas) and her Senator hopeful husband MATTHEW (Samuel Whitten) and ROLAND (Roderick Whitney, Jr) who is a young game programmer. 


Corin’s cousin, TROY (Kwesiu Jones) is also a well-known massage therapist who has his own problems with his wife MONICA (Danielle Renee Houston) and during this weekend, he run into an old friend with a turbulent past JULIUS (Julian Horton) which tests his composure during the weekend.


The retreat which is supposed to be a time of calm and relaxation results in some drama that unfolds which ends up changing their lives. 

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